MYSQL Database servers won't start

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MYSQL Database servers won't start

Postby Claudiu » 31. August 2014 01:41


I have XAMPP version 1.8.3-5. I'm a newbie and I don't understand why when I click on start servers, the MySQL servers won't start. It says stopped. When I click Configure, the port reads 3306. The only server running is ProFTPD. The Apache servers won't run, either, although when I first opened the application, it worked.

Please tell me what determines whether a server is successfully run and the steps I need to take.

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Re: MYSQL Database servers won't start

Postby thinsoldier » 02. September 2014 23:33

In older versions of xampp on older versions of OS X I remember I had to go into OS X system preferences and somewhere in there I had to find something related to sharing that actually caused the mysql and apache that are built into OS X to be actived at login. After I turned that off and restarted, my xampp apache and mysql wold be the only ones running.

If you go to terminal and enter:

which mysql

which httpd

what do you see
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