1.8.3, Bitnami, and I

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1.8.3, Bitnami, and I

Postby donhoward2 » 12. August 2014 02:17

I have been using XAMPP happily for a number of years now. The last upgrade was to 1.7.3 so I decided to see about upgrades as I seem to be having issues with javascript on 1.7.3. I do not know if that is the problem, but figured it was time to upgrade anyway. So I installed 1.8.3 and have been having nothing but grief. Bitnami must go!

I am no longer able to install sites to develop into my htdocs folder, am not able to name WordPress installs what I wish, and can only install one at a time, and cannot access the WordPress files for development. It is a mystery to me why Bitnami was included in XAMPP, which has been an absolutely stellar piece of work.

I do not want Bitnami anywhere near my machine. Can XAMPP 1.8.3 be installed without Bitnami?

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Re: 1.8.3, Bitnami, and I

Postby Nobbie » 12. August 2014 09:12

I dont think it is a question of Bitnami, Xampp has always been installed as "root" or Administrator and it is on YOU, to grant sufficient rights to htdocs etc. for your own UserID. Maybe you simply forgot, that you once changed folder rights of htdocs.
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