how to set on update foreign key relationship on phpmyadmin

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how to set on update foreign key relationship on phpmyadmin

Postby desrosib » 29. July 2014 14:17

I'm using XAMPP 1.8.3 for MAC
When using phpmyadmin, the "Relation view" used to propose the "on delete/on update" options.
Now all I get is to choose the table and column to link to my table, without the option for on delete/update.
My db is innodb and I have primary keys on all the tables I want to link.
What am I doing wrong??
The only way I have found to add them (other than typing the sql command to do it) is by going to Designer. There, when I add a relationship, it asked me for the delete update.

Also, even if I add it with composer, when I dump my db, the foreign key constraints are not there???

I just noticed that when I'm on the relation view, it shows "internal relation". I saw on the "edit or export relational schema" window that you can select "internal relations" OR "foreign key"... so is there an option on the relation view to show foreign key?
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