Issue with Apache webserver on a 32bit MacBook

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Issue with Apache webserver on a 32bit MacBook

Postby pierino84 » 25. February 2014 02:05

Hello, I've been having problems in the last hours with the installation of the latest version of XAMPP and separate related software (like DesktopServer) on my macbook.
The Apache webserver didn't want to switch on, and XAMPP log showed many errors like this:

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/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/apache2/scripts/ line 50: /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin/httpd: Bad CPU type in executable

so I realized that this version is 64bit only, and the macbook I am using has a Core Duo cpu, which is 32bit only.
Is there any 32bit compatible version for os x?

Since in your download page the only available versions to download are 64bit, it would be great if you mentioned in the requirements that Core Duo chips and older ones are not compatible with current XAMPP versions.
I am sure this sentence could prevent many headaches to other people! :)
You can find the Apple support document regarding 32bit vs 64bit chips here:

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