Problems Editing php.ini

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Problems Editing php.ini

Postby hilts50 » 01. February 2014 05:38

I've located the php.ini file in the following directory...


I've tried editing this with textwrangler and for some reason it doesn't seem to be working.

I'm trying to add / edit "max_input_vars"

I've run a phpinfo(); And it confirms that the php.ini file is located where I'm looking. It also shows max_input_vars = 1000.

The odd thing is when I open the php.ini file it doesn't have max_input_vars in there, when I add it, and increase the value to 3000 my changes don't seem to be effecting anything.

Any ideas whats going on?


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Re: Problems Editing php.ini

Postby DnvrSysEngr » 06. February 2014 00:01

I had a similar issue trying to edit my php.ini using text editor (would not let me open the file for reasons unknown).

I ended up using VI text editor in the terminal by typing "sudo vi php.ini". if you are comfortable with VI (good ol' UNIX text editor), you may want to go that route.

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