XAMPP on iPad

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XAMPP on iPad

Postby viveksara » 05. August 2013 08:10


I am newbie., I need to install xampp in my Ipad or Iphone.I need to view my website in localhost of my Ipad.
likewise, In PC can used localhost for Xampp, Here i need to used Localhost for my Ipad and view my website in IPad. How to possible?
If yes possible means please give some guidelines for this...

I need to know how to install Xampp in my Ipad or Iphone.

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Re: XAMPP on iPad

Postby Altrea » 05. August 2013 13:55

Hi viveksara,

viveksara wrote:I need to install xampp in my Ipad or Iphone.

This is neither supported nor possible with XAMPP.

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Re: XAMPP on iPad

Postby iggyvolz » 15. August 2013 21:44

If you have another computer with XAMPP installed, just put all of the files on that computer (so that it is accessible on localhost on that computer), then go to your computer's private IP address (see http://compnetworking.about.com/od/findingipaddresses/a/how-to-find-my-ip-address.htm for a tutorial) on your iPhone/iPad. However, both your iPhone/iPad and your computer will need to be connected to the same wi-fi.
For the record, this works on any device. I use this on my Wii U all of the time!
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