1.8.1 Mac OSX installer BROKEN and docs outdated

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1.8.1 Mac OSX installer BROKEN and docs outdated

Postby matteosistisette » 12. July 2013 12:40

The new installer of version 1.8.1 for Mac OSX is totally broken, and the installation instructions are not consistent with what you find in the package.

Installation instructions say:
- open the DMG
- drag and drop the XAMPP folder to the Application folder.

Well, there's NO XAMPP FOLDER in the dmg to drag and drop. There's only a .app installer.

If you run that installer, it will (pretend to) install XAMPP.
Then you won't find any XAMPP Control in it.
Instead, there's an "osx manager".
This won't work either.
First, you have to keep it open to keep the servers running, while with XAMPP Control you used to be able to close it and the servers would keep running.

And even if you do keep it open, nothing will work as expected.
Phpmyadmin gives a lot of nonsense errors everywhere.

What is this?
Please rollback to 1.7 as the default version until 1.8 is fixed and tested.
Having a broken alpha untested nonworking version as the default download option doesn't help.
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Re: 1.8.1 Mac OSX installer BROKEN and docs outdated

Postby iggyvolz » 15. August 2013 21:51

The instructions are for an old version, and they need to be updated, you need to run the .app . I'm not sure what XAMPP Control is, but the osX manager works fine for me, even after you close it (make sure you wait until all the servers are started before you close). If you'd rather use the command line, type: "sudo /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp start" and see how that goes. What do you mean "nothing will work as expected"? Do you get an error when you type localhost? Does PHP code not run? And could you give us specifics on "nonsense errors"?
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