Xampp errors on Mac OS10.8.2

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Xampp errors on Mac OS10.8.2

Postby andyash » 08. July 2013 10:50

My Xampp version 1.7.3 was working totally fine till I decided to add a MySQL password. Following the instructions from various websites I added the password 'root' only to discover I couldn't login to mysql anymore.

I decided to upgrade to Xampp 1.8.2 after uninstalling/deleting my earlier installation and faced more problems.

My websites started giving me write errors.
PhpMyAdmin gave me 'Session Mismatch' errors. I could not remove this error even after 2 reinstalls and could not locate the solution anywhere.

Now I am back to 1.7.3 working totally fine again.

I have MAMP as well but since I have recently shifted to Mac from Windows, a whole lot of my websites' final versions were in my Xampp installation. So now I want to keep Xampp for my earlier websites and use MAMP for new developments and testing.

Could you guys please remove the bugs in xampp 1.8.2 so we can have an out of the box solution for Macs (like MAMP)? I mean why do I need to use the Terminal to put a MySQL password when you can include it in the box already and also make sure that the session mismatch and write errors don't happen.
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