Apache setup + NAS "home media cloud"

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Apache setup + NAS "home media cloud"

Postby Hawaii_hack » 28. November 2012 02:42

Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5
linksys wireless router
Iomega home media network hard disk drive


I have the need to set up Apache on a "NAS" network area server. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it very much. I have been on the job for close to a month and have had no success. I have devoted so much time and Now I am just frustrated. I need help and I am not too humble to ask for it. I thought this would be fun at first, sort of a challenge but now I am wondering if it can even be done.

One thing I don't want help with - taking the "NAS" hard drive apart and altering its guts like my little brother did to his Wii.

IF ANYONE HAS HAD SUCCESS SETTING UP A HOME SERVER ON ONE OF THESE "CLOUD SERVERS" PLEASE HELP. If you haven't done this before don't reply unless you are fairly sure you have a good enough understanding of the technology to provide educated comments. Like I said before, I have been researching this for a month and I am a college graduate so I am hoping someone who is really knowledgeable about this specific topic will respond. Thank you for understanding!

JUST TO BE CLEAR! I HAVE SET UP THE PORTS and i CAN connect to THE FOLDERS (MUSIC, PICTURES, MEDIA, etc.) and access my data.

My end goal is to set up this iomega "nas" with Apache so that it can be a server all on it own. Making it a home for my website!!!
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