redirects to install/index.php

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redirects to install/index.php

Postby technobuddha » 25. November 2012 18:23

Hi all, I'm very confused about this behavior!
I have modified the httpd.conf in soooo many way's to get it to work with some php files I have.
And whenever I put an index.php file into the DocumentRoot that i've pointed httpd.conf to go to,
there is this redirect to install/index.php!!!

so i'm very confused.

if i point my browser to the root/index.html file that i create, then it "stays",
but if i point to root/index.php it redirects to install/index.php

I have no .htaccess files anywhere that would do this redirect, soooo there has to be a redirect somewhere!
Perhaps there's some other config somewhere that needs to be modified?

I also made sure that i put in index.php in the httpd.conf:
<IfModule dir_module>
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htmls index.htm

any help would be appreciated!
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