XAMPP/Safari only the source code shows up

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XAMPP/Safari only the source code shows up

Postby mchmf007 » 17. November 2012 13:38

I‘m new with MAC (OS X 10.6.8 ), Apache and XAMPP 1.7.3, so it might be too much at once.
The installation was straightforward and the activation of Apache also.
I can put trivial html-files in /Applications/XAMPP/htdocs/ and call them with Safari http://localhost/<name>.html or in ~<Home-Name>/WebSites and call them with http://localhost/~<Home-Name>/<name>.html and the files are indeed found, but they are never parsed. I always get the source code on the screen, even for <html></html>.
There must be something fundamental wrong in my understanding. Does Safari ignore XAMPP? How to connect both?
Thanks! German, Englisch answers are Ok.
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