Why isn't this working?

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Why isn't this working?

Postby timstring » 28. September 2012 19:19

I have this code buried in a PHP file surrounded by HTML:

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   echo "<div align='center'>";
   echo $_SESSION['FirstName'] . " " . $_SESSION['LastName'] . "<br />";
   echo $_SESSION['System'] . "<br /><br />";
   echo "</div>";

I have two pages that link to this page. When the first page hits this one, I get this output:

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"; echo $_SESSION['FirstName'] . " " . $_SESSION['LastName'] . "
"; echo $_SESSION['System'] . "

"; echo ""; ?>

as if the site was skipping over the "<?php"

I pulled the "div align" code out of the php script and bookended the script with it. When I do this, I get this output, centered as it should:

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"; echo $_SESSION['System'] . "

"; ?>

When the second page goes back to my troubled script, it works wonderfully.

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