Don't have permissions to put files in htdocs

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Don't have permissions to put files in htdocs

Postby tryin_to_learn » 27. September 2012 13:58

I just downloaded the newest version of XAMPP and allowed it to overwrite my old version. I didn't realize it would wipe out my site and DB so now I'm trying to get all my files back in place and am having trouble. When I go to the htdocs folder, it won't allow me to create a new folder for my site. I thought this might just be a permissions issue go I did "Get Info" but under Sharing & Permissions, it says I only have read permission so I can't change anything. When I started Apache and MySQL it asked for my pw, so it seems like I should be signed in as myself (Susan). Susan has rw permissions in htdocs, but it says that "I" don't. This is probably an easy fix but I'm not a Mac person so I'm clueless. I've installed new versions of XAMPP before on my Mac and haven't had this issue. Help?
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