Data not being entered into my database

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Data not being entered into my database

Postby bretto_GU » 25. August 2012 12:54

Hey guys. Just wanted to thank you first up for the assistance.

So the problem is with (xampp 1.7.7) phpmyadmin on MAC OS X Mountain lion. I've jumped through all the hoops to get the security set up now I have a new problem.
I've created some basic php to enter data into a database. the tables are all set up properly in phpmyadmin, but when I run the php and submit the query, then go to the specific table in phpmyadmin and click browse to view the data, there is nothing there. I'm not the only one that has this problem.

I've tested this on windows vista and xampp 1.8.0, exact same php files, exact same database construction and it works without a hitch. So what's the go with the mac side?
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