.htaccess RewriteRule Problem

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.htaccess RewriteRule Problem

Postby redlettuce » 06. August 2012 19:23

I'm using XAMMP on my Mac with virtual hosts set up and working fine. Currently developing a site for a friend and trying to use mod rewrites via .htaccess. This seems to be working fine while I'm navigating to main pages from the menu, e.g. domain.loc/ or domain.loc/films but once I try to dig further, I'm getting issues, so domain.loc/films/london will throw an error because PHP is then looking for an include called "london" rather than "films".

Here is my .htaccess file (it's very basic):

Code: Select all
#AddType text/x-component .htc

RewriteBase /

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^new/$      /new.php
RewriteRule ^new$      /new/ [R]

RewriteRule ^films/$      /films.php
RewriteRule ^films$         /films/ [R]

RewriteRule   ^offline/$      /offline.php
RewriteRule ^offline$      /offline/ [R]

RewriteRule ^contact/$      /contact.php
RewriteRule ^contact$      /contact/ [R]

RewriteRule ^films/([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)/$   /films.php?mov=$1
RewriteRule ^films/([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)$      /films/$1/ [R]

PHPinfo() is showing that mod_rewrite is working, but .htaccess appears to be ignored completely! The rewrites work if I remove it from the root directory and making changes to it makes no difference.

I have bashed the .htaccess file and it's giving me "command not found" errors on every line, including "RewriteEngine on" and "RewriteBase /", It's also throwing me an "error near unexpected token" message on line 19.

I'm not expert in this but this has got be baffled - I've Googled but have not found anything like what I'm experiencing. It's really confusing me that the rewrites from domain.loc/films/ to /films.php are still working even when I completely remove the .htaccess fils from the folder.

Oh - when I upload to a web server I use for my actual hosting, it works fine, even with query strings, so it's presumably something to do with my setup rather than my .htaccess...

Any help you be appreciated!



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