file permision issue with XAMPP on Mac OS

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file permision issue with XAMPP on Mac OS

Postby Pabs » 10. May 2012 01:21

every time I boot up my MAC and I try to run localhost/phpmyadmin I get an error saying it can't access a file under this directory

my solution is to open up Terminal and type the following

sudo chmod 777 /var/folders/CB/CB87qpBnHLurE0hRmU83WE+++TI/-Tmp-/

that fixes the issue but the next time I boot up, the problem returns.... .there must be a way to set this permanently??

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: file permision issue with XAMPP on Mac OS

Postby JonB » 11. May 2012 18:32

Move your permissions change higher in the 'hierarchy' (that's general Linux/Unix fix on Temporary file folders - likely move it to /var/folders/CB/
Wherever the randomness of the work areas stoops changing.

The REAL problem is determining what user MAMPP is running as, and extending the permissions accordingly. It looks like its related to where PHP thinks the workarea/temp files belong.
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