Clear MySQL Query Cache

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Clear MySQL Query Cache

Postby GeorgeLangley » 10. April 2012 00:03

Hi all. How do I clear the MySQL Query Cache on my local XAMPP installation?
Have a php query that is taking way too long the first time it is run (10 second plus), but is getting cached so subsequent calls take less than a second. Am trying to improve the query, but can't clear out the cache to see an accurate first-run time.
I did not see a query_cache setting in the my.cnf file if that would help, nor anything in the XAMPP control panels. Stopping/starting MySQL doesn't do it either, so I assume there is some persistence there. And is not a browser-cache issue.
Any advice greatly appreciated. XAMPP 1.7.3, Mac OS X.6.8, running a CodeIgniter-based project. Thanks.

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