hierarchy of permissions two

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hierarchy of permissions two

Postby lizardCat » 11. November 2011 02:49

hierarchy two
The main difficulty that i am encountering is this message in a new window:
" " "Type your password to allow TextMate to make changes " " "

i did find a post in XAMPP of which is shown below.
I can understand that, that post`s contents and suggested procedure of action has a good chance chance of allowing a foreign file into htdocs.

again hierarchy, permissions hierarchy.
for those of us who are new to the zoo.
what is the title of the book that teaches the file, system, architecture. or what ever the words may be to explain the architecture or structure of files and their interrelationship in read write execute in this type of environment.

In another XAMPP post with these properties:
usr id: ceinma
title: XAMPP: how can i disable authentication of xampp user ?
date: 10 November 2008

Code: Select all
When I charge my page the first time after a restart alway ask me an user and password. I do not want the system ask me the same cuestion

f you mean where you enter in the "lampp" user name and a password for the Apache Authentication, then I think I can help.

Inside of the xampp directory (/opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp) there is a .htaccess file that contains the instructions for Apache to ask for authorization. You can rename it, or go into the file and comment out the following lines:

AuthName "xampp user"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /opt/lampp/lib/xampp.users
require valid-user
Then reload apache (/opt/lampp/lampp reloadapache) and you should be good.
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