transfer DB files from win to mac (external disk)

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transfer DB files from win to mac (external disk)

Postby manfromshadow » 26. September 2011 16:55

im new on Mac and i would like to transfer my previous databases on mac.

I set up XAMP to read PHP file from external disk, but now i need configure XAMP to read databases from extrnal source too.

default storage for XAMP mySQL db is:

Where i must change this path and what all to do?

Because if I just copy DB files from my old comp to XAMPP/xamppfiles/var/mysql/ I saw my DB in PHPmyAdmin, but i cannot work with that.

I would like to transfer DB and Permissions too.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: transfer DB files from win to mac (external disk)

Postby JonB » 27. September 2011 10:36

Use phpMyAdmin, the CLI mysqldump, or MySQL workbench to export the databases you wish to transfer. (that is the way you do this).

See my post for Mr. Alexander.

MySQL Workbench -

Then just import them into your new XAMMP install. In your case, you 'may' want to include the 'MySQL' database - it contains the metadata for Users and privileges. Be careful if you do so. I usually don't transfer the user data, preferring to set it up. If you DO decide to do this - Backup the new database FIRST - in case you trash things.

Then do yourself a favor and learn about MySQL backup methods.

Good Luck
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