redistribute with preinstalled cms sytem

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redistribute with preinstalled cms sytem

Postby newnomad » 22. September 2011 13:55

To promote a CMS system I would like to install it in my XAMPP app on macosx, and then somehow resave XAMPP as an image (dmg file) with the CMS system already included. So if someone without any sort of local development environment on his mac would like to explore, play around with the CMS all they have to do is install it as an app, rather then first install XAMPP and then install the CMS.

Do the terms allow redistribution like this?

How would I go about packing the installed XAMPP app with the installed CMS to an installable application again, as a dmg file. I assume with Xcode?

Has anything similar been ever done, with XAMP? The only related example I can think of is virtualbox virtual appliances, images, that come with apps preinstalled.
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Re: redistribute with preinstalled cms sytem

Postby JonB » 22. September 2011 15:02

Sure sounds like an interesting idea - :)

You need to contact the Project leader - Oswald.

Good Luck
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Re: redistribute with preinstalled cms sytem

Postby kleinweby » 22. September 2011 16:17

Hey newnomad,

XAMPP itself is licensed under GPLv2, which means that you can repack XAMPP with an preinstalled CMS and distribute it around.

Moodle does this for example.

As for the repacking you basicly create an Disk Image (with the Disk Image Utility) and then copy the XAMPP folder onto it and distribute the DMG. (Please make sure that Users now that this XAMPP has been modified by you.)

- kleinweby
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