Control Panel says "Another mysql server is already running!

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Control Panel says "Another mysql server is already running!

Postby sfgeorge » 17. August 2011 16:49

I used to be able to run a 32-bit XAMPP MySQL server and 64-bit native MySQL server on my Mac concurrently - on separate ports. However, having just upgraded from XAMPP 1.0.1 to 1.7.3, XAMPP now refuses to start when it detects that another mysqld is running, even if they are configured to use different ports.

I'm not sure what the real value of this new concurrent mysql server check is, as the use case is usually handled automatically. People who have a preexisting MySQL server running and don't know it will likely have both mysql servers configured to run on the default port of 3306 - in which case starting up XAMPP's MySQL server will fail-safe as expected anyway.

Well, in the meantime I can employ one these two workarounds
  1. As described in the post, Control Panel Refuse, I can disable all startup tests by editing the 'RunStartTests' setting by invoking:
    Code: Select all
    sudo open '/Applications/XAMPP/XAMPP'

    ... This has the downside of disabling ALL startup tests, which I don't like.
  2. I can kill my other MySQL server, then start XAMPP's, then start the other again. Annoying, but it works.
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