Timthumb failing miserably

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Timthumb failing miserably

Postby lozkane » 12. August 2011 12:36

Hi, I've recently set up XAMPP and having some success but I've just installed a Wordpress site and having all sorts of problems getting images working with Timthumb.

Most issues seem to be around permissions and ownership of the /script and /cache folders that timthumb uses but I've tried both 'nobody' and 'root' and set permissions to 777 so I think I've ruled that out.

Anyone able to suggest a blindingly simple and obvious move that has just eluded me for the last 24 hours of torture???
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Re: Timthumb failing miserably

Postby rvlierop » 17. August 2011 14:30

Same problem here... Does the same thing with my custom built project... CHOWN("folder", "root") works... but chmod doesn't, not even when you set permissions though terminal.
Any take on this? Because it's very annoying that it works on a windows installation, but not on OSX.
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