XAMPP not fully uninstalled from MAC by Dragging to Trash

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XAMPP not fully uninstalled from MAC by Dragging to Trash

Postby kkathman » 16. July 2011 00:35

I recently wanted to delete XAMPP completely from my Mac seeing that the phpmyadmin/mysql password wasn't working properly. The Uninstall instructions stated that you need to simply stop the services and then move the XAMPP folder (/Applications/XAMPP) to the trash and it is deleted. Apparently this isn't true.

First of all I found that XAMPP wrote a line into the hosts file, but removing this and rebooting/restarting with a different server didn't solve the problem.

I installed MAMP 2.0, and it works fine, unless you type in http://localhost:8888 . When you do that, the computer still prompts for the XAMP user and password.

I have verified that there is NO hosts entry so why would XAMPP still be hanging around? MAMP does use 8888 for its localhost server and 8889 for MySQL. I noticed in the /etc/apache2/httpd.conf file that it's listening for 80, but I didn't see a direct realation whatsoever to XAMPP. It's kind of driving me a bit nuts, because I was able to get this removed and re-installed on my MacBookPro just fine, but the iMac is being a bit difficult. Difference...the laptop had a prior version of XAMPP than 1.7.3.

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