Access Xamp via LAN

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Access Xamp via LAN

Postby vasikgreif » 04. July 2011 08:18

Hi everybody, I tried a search, but didn't figure out how to set up Xampp to access it via LAN.

When I try to connect to ie, it keeps changing the adress to localhots/xampp ...

Can someone please help me with this?
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Re: Access Xamp via LAN

Postby JonB » 10. July 2011 07:40

you provided too little information about what you have / have not done

never the less,
When I try to connect to ie

you should just be entering in your browser - unless you Meant to go to a folder called 'xamp'

I am presuming you have added 'something to go to' (a file) to htdocs.

Good Luck
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