can't run php script

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can't run php script

Postby sstpierre68 » 08. June 2011 03:04

Hi! Can someone tell me how to install in XAMPP and run locally a php script.
The script is online at : It's an online converter. There is a local version that I downloaded but I don't know where to put it into XAMPP and,
if so, to enable it.

Thank you.
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Re: can't run php script

Postby Nobbie » 09. June 2011 15:02

a) Put the Archive vcfconvert-0.8.6.tar.gz into the "htdocs" folder of your Xampp Installation (i.e. /Applications/Xampp/htdocs or similar, i dont have OSX here).

b) Unpack the Archive. It should result in a new subfolder, i.e. /Applications/Xampp/htdocs/vcfconvert-0.8.6 (or similar, see above).

c) Start Apache

d) Open a browser (Safari) and enter (or simply click on the link)

For your convenience, you may rename the folder from vcfconvert-0.8.6 into vcfconvert (or any other name), then you may also enter only

That's it.

You also my try to enter "localhost" instead of (this *should* work as well, but some computers are not configured sufficiently): http://localhost/vcfconvert-0.8.6/index.php
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