phpmyadmin login always fails

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phpmyadmin login always fails

Postby frankfenderbender » 28. May 2011 02:41

I am on n iNtel-based Mac Mini running the MacOSX 10.6.8 operating system.
There is no conflict from any previous servers as none have ever been accessed or installed.
The instructions were easy and I followed them exactly.
I got the Apache and MySQL running.
I saw the two web pages just fine in Safari.
I edited the phpmyadmin file so that the 46 characters, "cookie", login/password were as stated.
There is no user "root" so it always fails.
Macs do not have them named as such.
I log in as "FirstName LastName" with a password.
I am admin, not root.
The login to phpmyadmin as "root" can never work.
"FirstName LastName" with a password doesn't work either.
So, I changed the config file to have a login of "firstlast" and the same password that I use when going in or when calling up a "sudo" command in a terminal window.
No dice.
I took out all the changes and still no login.
What am I missing that's right there in front of me?
A reinstall -- as stated -- did NOT overwrite the old files so I deleted the whole XAMPP folder after stopping all processes.
I'm back at square one, grumbling at my Mac Minimal just a bit more than before. ;-)
All suggestions warmly appreciated and welcomed.
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Re: phpmyadmin login always fails

Postby Nobbie » 28. May 2011 21:03

frankfenderbender wrote:What am I missing that's right there in front of me?

A couple of basics.

MySQL does have its own user database. This database DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO with the OSX user database. What means: a "user" on your MacMini is an OSX User. Nothing else. It is NOT an MySQL user.

Same for MySQL users vice verse: MySQL Users are NOT OSX Users.

Same for the passwords (if there are any).

At next, the file does NOT influence the MySQL User Database. You may enter whatever you want into your - this has NOTHING to do with the MySQL Users, which exist in your MySQL Database. The only reason for qualifying user/password in, is the case of access type "config". In that case, phpmyadmin trys to login into MySQL by itself, without any user interaction. Therefore, phpmyadmin has to know a valid user id.

If you specify a different type of access (for example "cookie", as you did), the user/password information, supplied in, is useless. You even may delete these lines - they do not have any effect. Instead you have to specify a valid user/password combination in a standard form (a html dialog). The user/password MUST be valid MySQL Users in the MySQL Userdatabase - which has NOTHING to do with your OSX user database (never forget about that).

The basic question is: what are valid MySQL Users/Passwords? This depends on your installation. If you installed Xampp, then "root" is the only known MySQL User and the password is empty. If you have a different MySQL Installation, look into the documentation of that installation for further information. But, in most cases, "root" and empty password is the "kick off" installation of MySQL. If not, the installation documentation should contain the appropriate information.
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Re: phpmyadmin login always fails

Postby louren143 » 18. July 2012 10:35

Within linux all I needed to do was a simple "sudo a2enmod dav" and I was off to the races but I can't seem to sort out what I need to do to get Apache within XAMPP to give anything but a 503 "Access Forbidden" error.

What IS your question??? :shock:

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