Backed up wordpress blog having trouble installing on Xampp

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Backed up wordpress blog having trouble installing on Xampp

Postby gomanandvan » 20. April 2011 21:45

Hi. Have a wordpress blog which I have backed up database using phpmyadmin. Have then copied the database to my local machine in xampp and have changed the links in wp-options to run through localhost and not actual web address

Have installed wordpress on localhost in xampp and have copied the wp-content into the fresh install on my local machine.

I have then set up the new site in dreamweaver and used the find and replace to change any code that had the to localhost/mywebsite. I then loaded the page in my browser and it displays my homepage, but if I click on any links it does not find any other pages to my site.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I think it has to be a link issue, but I cannot figure out why has anyone else experienced this?
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Re: Backed up wordpress blog having trouble installing on Xa

Postby itsfridaymoanin » 07. May 2011 05:26

Could it be that the .htaccess file wasn't included when Wordpress was installed on your local environment? A quick fix for this would be to just turn off the permalinks/pretty urls option thing so it goes to localhost/?p=123 instead of localhost/category/interesting-article-title. Know what I mean?

If that's not it, where do the links (menu links?) go to? ?

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Re: Backed up wordpress blog having trouble installing on Xa

Postby Roca » 14. August 2011 20:27

I've always found that it's not enough to change the url in the wp_options table. After making a copy of the original db, I do a search and replace in the resulting .sql file and then import it into the new (empty) database. You'll find hundreds, or even thousands, of instances of your old url in the db.

As far as the links not working, I reset the permalinks by choosing a new setting, then go back to my original custom structure. This generally fixes things.

With the .htaccess file, I generally just delete it from the localhost installation and WordPress (or the server?) will create a new one with the proper settings.

Good luck!
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