A couple of little bugs

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A couple of little bugs

Postby mattr » 12. March 2011 16:55


Thanks for a great package! I have a couple of little bugs though that make it hard to install. (Latest Mac OS X)

If you uncomment all the variables in order to use InnoDB in my.cnf, mysql will fail due to DomainError !, because a long deprecated variable (innodb_log_arch_dir). Mysql will not run with that variable uncommented. So please remove it from my.cnf. There are other posted complaints about case-sensitive macs regarding this error but that has nothing to do with it (mine is insensitive).
See this page. http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=36371

If you run the security script, the text is in English but the yes/no is in German.
That much I understood, but when it says (misspelled) "Normaly" and that means the opposite of what it does I think. That part is confusing.


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Re: A couple of little bugs: innodb_log_arch_dir

Postby radax » 10. May 2011 00:42

the innodb_log_arch_dir is long time since been spotted here and still can be found in the my.cnf ?!
I was sure it's been removed in this version but looks like it wasnt...
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