PHP not resolving tags

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PHP not resolving tags

Postby tabman711 » 04. February 2011 08:15

Sorry if this has already been covered but XAMPP is running and reports PHP is Activated and the phpinfo() page works fine but even the simply test php application does not work.
<? phpinfo(); ?>

I have tried in Sites and htcdocs and i get zero.
What am i doing wrong?
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Re: PHP not resolving tags

Postby Nobbie » 04. February 2011 09:58

tabman711 wrote:What am i doing wrong?

Du schreibst im deutschen Forum.

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Re: PHP not resolving tags

Postby coreytrice » 03. March 2011 04:10

Have you tried using the full PHP opening tag?
Code: Select all
instead of the short tag
Code: Select all

Did you make sure that you've saved it with the proper file extension? Is it saved as a .php file?
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Re: PHP not resolving tags

Postby wideEyedPupil » 28. March 2011 10:53

I have exactly the same problem OS X Leopard ( 10.5.8 )
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