How do I stop an earlier Mysql install from auto start

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How do I stop an earlier Mysql install from auto start

Postby keithh » 13. November 2010 23:04

I followed and installed Xampp on my MAC (OS X 10.6.4) and everything went well apart from 2 problems

I am trying to set up a test website on my MAC with a view to proposing its content as a web solution for a club I am involved with (if accepted it would then be properly installed on a server with all the appropriate security and admin.

I had tried to install Mysql and Apache following a 'Tangential Musings' tutorial and I must have done something wrong as I couldn't get it to work. Now when I restart my MAC, Xampp won't start because it says another version of Mysql is already running. I have to go into Activity Monitor and stop the Mysql process there and then I can start Xampp. What have I got to do to stop the previous attempt at setting up Mysql from automatically starting?

The second problem I have is that following the 'Xampp for Mac OS X' tutorial it gets to the point where it suggests calling /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp security. I followed this and wrote down my User name and password and now when I try to browse to localhost it comes up with:

Authentication Required

A user name and password are being requested by http://localhost
The site says "Xampp user"

I put in the username and password that I wrote down and it doesn't accept them. What have I done wrong? I am totally stuck!
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