Constant password requests

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Constant password requests

Postby digitheatUK » 29. October 2010 10:16

Good afternoon,

I'm sure this has been asked a dozen times before but can anyone advise on the best way to handle the constant requests that I'm getting to enter my password when I make changes to files within the htdocs directory of my XAMPP installation?

My problem being that everytime I make a change, need to add a directory, save a script file etc... I am asked to enter in my system password. Is this OS X asking for my password or XAMPP? I can't find anything in XAMPP that says 'request password on change' nor can I find anything similar in OS X' security settings.

Anyone had a similar "issue"? Any advice would be greatfully received.


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Re: Constant password requests

Postby MegaChriz » 01. November 2010 10:47

Hi DT,

You should give yourself read & write permissions to the folder 'htdocs'.
Read my answer in this post:
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