Sync'ing Portable XAMPP (Windows) with Mac OS X

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Sync'ing Portable XAMPP (Windows) with Mac OS X

Postby memilanuk » 19. October 2010 07:49

I have a portable XAMPP install set up on a usb thumb drive that I use on my PC at home or work. When traveling, my laptop is a Macbook. I'd like to sync my projects inside the htdocs directory between the portable install of XAMPP residing on the thumb drive and the XAMPP installed under Applications on my Mac, but I'd rather not break anything (file permissions, links, etc.) if I can avoid it. Same goes for syncing directories/files for the MySQL database. I've got a syncronization app (Synkron) that works for both Mac & PC so that part isn't an issue. I just need to know a) what all files do I *need* to sync (i.e. if I have a directory 'website' under htdocs, I'd like to sync that and the associated directory for mysql), or can I b) just sync the entire XAMPP directory (i.e. everything) between the portable install and the Mac OS X install?


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Re: Sync'ing Portable XAMPP (Windows) with Mac OS X

Postby smethorst » 22. November 2010 21:42

Is there somebody with the same problem? I could not find the windows c:/xampp/mysql/data folder on the mac.

Is it possible to copy the mysql data folder from Windows to Mac?

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