Upgrading php to 5.2.13 (or .14)

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Upgrading php to 5.2.13 (or .14)

Postby SSzretter » 15. October 2010 15:02

How / is it possible to upgrade Mac XAMPP - PHP version to 5.2.13 (or 5.2.14) easily?

I can not go to the 5.3.x version yet as I run several things that need to be upgraded/fixed first and that is a longer term project.

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Re: Upgrading php to 5.2.13 (or .14)

Postby MegaChriz » 17. October 2010 11:32

There is no XAMPP version with PHP 5.2.13 or PHP 5.2.14.
If you want to use PHP 5.2.x the easiest solution would be to use XAMPP for Mac v1.0.1, which has PHP 5.2.9. If you want to use a higher PHP version of PHP 5.2.x with XAMPP I guess this can only be achieved by compiling PHP yourself. I have never done this, so I can't help you further with that.
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