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Postby davar98 » 04. September 2010 10:20

I have no previous experience with xampp, and was installing it on my mac in order to install joomla, and teach myself a little about it.

I seem to have successfully installed xampp, but now, I can't rename any folders - apparently anywhere on my Mac. If I try I get a 'The name "xxxxxxx xxxxx" can't be used because it's reserved by the system.' error message. Unlocking sharing and permissions on individual folders doesn't seem to help either.

It seems to apply to changing the name of any folder anywhere.

After installing xampp, all i did was turn the three modules on, and try and move/rename a joomla folder into it.

Can someone help - I am sure it will be something simple - but I just don't know what.

Thanks in anticipation
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