get in trouble with my XAMPP in MAC

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get in trouble with my XAMPP in MAC

Postby hdsali » 14. August 2010 16:36

I use XAMPP 1.7.2a in my MAC. currently, I develop some parts of an online shop. I noticed that in some part of shop files there is a 'WEB_ROOT' variable to make the proper address. Executing these files makes this variable returns an address like this (http://localhost/Applications/xampp/xam ... ocs/online store/admin/login.php), so I get this Error (The Requested URL was not found on this server.)

I also test this file in my PC, under (XAMPP for windows 1.7.3 ) and everything goes fine!
returning address is (http://localhost/online store/admin/login.php)

so the problem doesn't come from the shop files; it relates to my XAMPP config files in my MAC. I read many articles in the web about XAMPP config. files and did so much on them, but there's no result :(

anybody can help this issue? your help would be appreciated.
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