Safari can't find localhost

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Safari can't find localhost

Postby titotito » 06. August 2010 08:10

Iam a beginner, completely new to
Apache using Mac OS version 10.4.11 using Safari browser.
After down loading XAMPP for Mac OS x 1.7.3,2010/03/04 then dragging the XAMPP folder into the application folder then typing on a new window http://local host this appears “Safari can’t connect to server. Safari can’t open the page https://localhost/ because Safari can’t connect to the server “localhost”.
Will XAMPP for Mac 1.7.3 Patch work? How do you install it?
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Re: Safari can't find localhost

Postby caltuna » 07. August 2010 07:05

First you have to start up Apache by using the XAMPP Control App found in the XAMPP folder in Applications folder

In your browser type in the word: localhost or
and press the return key and you should get the XMAPP "home" screen.

Does that work for you?
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