MSSQL Support on Mac?

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MSSQL Support on Mac?

Postby asset25 » 07. July 2010 20:23

Hi all - I am using XAMPP v1.7.3 on Mac OSX and have a project that requires both MySQL and MSSQL. My understanding is that MSSQL is not supported on this platform by v1.7.3. So what I do now is develop on the Mac, upload to the server and test from there. Is there a workaround (other than using Windows) or a new version coming soon? Thanks very much,

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Re: MSSQL Support on Mac?

Postby sili » 22. July 2010 18:49

As far as I know, MSSQL only even exists on Windows. You could develop on your machine but connect to a remote MSSQL server.
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