uploads folder not found: Error 404

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uploads folder not found: Error 404

Postby Krzysiaczek » 13. June 2010 09:33

I've got very strange error. Whenever I try to use folder called /uploads it can't be found. Strange thing is that I have this problem in a few vhosts. When I rename this folder for anything else e.g. by removing s from the end it can be found and there is no problem with it, so it's not permissions issue.
I've also check php.ini, httpd.conf and of course httpd-vhosts.conf looking for any mention or folder called "uploads" but no luck so far.
I'm using System Version: Mac OS X 10.6.3
I've tried to use Mamp before but it's disabled so shouldn't make any difference.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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