XAMPP. MySQL and MyPhpAdmin

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XAMPP. MySQL and MyPhpAdmin

Postby nubechecorre » 12. April 2010 20:11

Hi :-)

this is my first post here, i have just downloaded and installed XAMPP for MACOS X on my IBook G3 and i have two simple questions (sorry maybe these questions have been already answered before but i didn't find them..)

Is PHPMYADMIN already installed into the XAMPP package?
where are the mysql db stored? in which directory?

thanks :-)
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Re: XAMPP. MySQL and MyPhpAdmin

Postby MegaChriz » 15. April 2010 09:28

Yes, phpMyAdmin is installed with XAMPP by default. By default you can enter phpMyAdmin by going to http://localhost/phpmyadmin or
The mysql-data is stored in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/var/mysql
Be carefull with doing things with that folder. I once had caused a problem there: I upgraded to a new XAMPP version and I had set back that folder in the new installation. The result was that some of the data got corrupted. All data stored in columns of the type 'DATETIME' became unreadable. Do any changes to your databases with phpMyAdmin (or an other database management application) and certainly not with the Finder.
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