Can I setup Multiple DocumentRoot locations?

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Can I setup Multiple DocumentRoot locations?

Postby sergiozambrano » 05. April 2010 19:40

I've past the last 3 days trying to get my wordpress sites to work locally, and tried out MAMP, XAMP, and now VirtualHostX along after installing mysql in my Leopard OS.

After a lot of reading, and different codes for the same file (with < tags > , no tags, with ports, without, with asterisks, no asterisks…) I started suspecting this is another issue like "The OS should have included this or that file, or put it here, and it's not there…" kind of thing.

At this point, I just can ask plain:

Can I define Multiple DocumentRoot folders?

I know, everybody recommends to have the documents folder out of the web, but I won't be serving websites to the world, but I'd like my partners see the evolution of my site from time to time, and I don't know how… but I'd add an htaccess password, or a password in the router… something like that. I'll come up to that later.

Anyway, I've managed to setup either my documents folder as DocumentRoot or my Sites folder but not both.

An alternative would be a symbolic link (no idea how to setup one, but I just heard of it) inside my Sites folder pointing to my documents/project/site folder or the opposite: an alias inside my documents/project/site folder ???

Another solution, I just found on this forum, would be to use MAMP for the times I want to show off a website to my partners, and the Leopard Installation for the regular local work…

Any help on this?
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Re: Can I setup Multiple DocumentRoot locations?

Postby Altrea » 05. April 2010 22:21

the answer is "VirtualHosts".
Each VHost can have its own DocumentRoot directory.
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