Can't see all folders from /User/Sites

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Can't see all folders from /User/Sites

Postby j_kour » 29. March 2010 16:03

Hallo everybody,

I have installed XAMPP 1.7.3 with MySQL and I have the following problem.

I go to : http://localhost/ and it works fine (the xampp page)
when I go to http://localhost/~User I get a list with the folders from the location /~User/sites

If I go and create a new folder at that location and come back to the browser to see the folder, the new doesn't show up-instead a previous list is shown. This means I can't create new sites. I have tried it with Opera/Safari/Firefox. But, if I delete a folder and go to the browser it updates correctly

The interesting thing is that is I create another user for the Show OS, and login to that, all the above work fine

Any ideas?


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Re: Can't see all folders from /User/Sites

Postby MegaChriz » 29. March 2010 16:28

This is probably a permission problem.

1. In Finder, select the folder you created.
2. Choose 'Get info' from the 'File' menu. An info window opens.
3. Check what permissions are set by 'Sharing & Permissions'.

When you create a folder in the Finder, you are the owner of that folder and by default you have read & write permissions for that folder.
Because the webserver is an other user, the webserver doesn't own that folder you created, so what you need to do is to give the webserver at least read permissions for your new folder. Because I'm not sure how to correctly add the webserver user to the 'Sharing & Permissions' list, I usually set 'Read only' permissions for both staff and everyone.

4. Set the permissions for 'staff' and 'everyone' to 'Read only' if they are currently set to 'No access'.
If the 'Privilege' column is locked, click on the locker icon in the lower right corner to unlock. You will need to give the password of the administrator account of your Mac.
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