xampp, dreamweaver issues, css

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xampp, dreamweaver issues, css

Postby arh0604 » 24. February 2010 16:25

Yesterday, I installed XAMPP. I followed the directions for security and setting the document root, etc. Then, I noticed that Dreamweaver cs4 would not recognize style sheets as style sheets anymore. I am not sure if this is related to the XAMPP install and configuration, but I do know that everything was fine pre-install and configuration. I'm sure I probably screwed something up in the configuration files, but I don't know how to correct it.

When I attempt to attach style sheets, dreamweaver will not recognize them as such and no format displays. I even got the pop-up "The files is not found on the server; hence, my thought that the problem is related to something I may have done during the XAMPP set-up. Any ideas?
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Re: xampp, dreamweaver issues, css

Postby coreytrice » 03. March 2011 03:58

Try writing your links from the root instead of site-specific. Instead of typing in your HTML
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or even
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type in your link without the preceding slash like this
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This should alleviate some of your headaches.

I've noticed though that using site-specific links inside the css works as long as you have the files on the live server. For example, if you are using a background image and linking to it inside your css you will want to have that image file location typed in specifically like
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#header { background-image:url(http://www.example.com/_images/background_image.jpg);}
I would imagine that if you are only testing the files with the local server that you could type in the local path as well to test them, and then just swap out that path with the site path when you go live.

Hope that helps with the issues.
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