Problem accessing user dirs when Network Home in use

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Problem accessing user dirs when Network Home in use

Postby wozto1s » 26. January 2010 15:55


I've been pulling my hair out with this for a while now, I'm a fairly seasoned Apache user on various platforms so no newbie to apache config, permissions, etc.etc.

Basically, I have two macs that I use mainly on my network plus a Mac OS X Server that I use for my Network Homes and the problem appears to be that I am unable to access the Sites folder that is part of the Network Home for a user that is stored on the Mac OS X Server, specifically doing something like http://localhost/~username gives Access Forbidden! Error 403.

I've tried all manor of config options in httpd.conf and http-userdir.conf including putting the Directory entry to the mounted path (i.e. /Network/Servers/host.domain/Volumes/Macintosh HD2/Homes/username) and various options on FollowSymLinks but still get the 403 error.

I've also tried chmod'ing the files/folders to allow read/write/execute to all and still the same error.

One of the two machines is a macbook with a Mobile Account of the relevant username with the Sites folder sync'd, which works fine, so has to be something around the mounted Home folder somewhere.

Anybody offer any suggestions ??????


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