major frustration with directory paths

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major frustration with directory paths

Postby roundrightfarm » 15. January 2010 01:36

I'm having difficulties typing/coding the proper file paths. Sometimes the ones that work do not correspond to the way they appear in the OS. For example: I want to load a file- AdminUserList.php. Looking at my screen- I have it located in ~RoundRightFarm/Sites/RRF/htdocs/AdminUserList.php, but when I type "http://localhost/~RoundRightFarm/Sites/RRF/htdocs/AdminUserList.php" into the browser, I get a "404 file not found" message. After playing around for a while, I discovered that if I eliminate the Sites folder and type "http://localhost/~RoundRightFarm/RRF/htdocs/AdminUserList.php" the browser loads the file. This is one of many similar experiences that I've had since installing XAMPP a couple days ago. I can't seem to get my head around it. The paths and my syntax all look correct but the files aren't found or my includes do not load in my php scripts. One time my css file stopped working out of the blue, I had not been messing with it or its directory at all. I discovered after a few hours that if I added it containing folder to the <link> path, it worked again. What am I missing here?
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Re: major frustration with directory paths

Postby Nobbie » 15. January 2010 14:13

>What am I missing here?

The manuals. As well the Apache manual as the PHP manual.
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Figuring out directory paths

Postby sergiozambrano » 08. April 2010 15:57

Nice response. Full of help and support.

For others who are not wasting time in forums just for fun, the answer is:
Open terminal, drag the file or folder you want to figure out its path for, and it will automatically type it in for you.

Good luck.
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