Problem accessing Joomla and editing files in Xampp catalogs

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Problem accessing Joomla and editing files in Xampp catalogs

Postby magnus.christensson » 03. January 2010 00:37

Hello Apache Friends! - I'm a beginner at this but I did meet some strange barriers installing Xampp and Joomla.

I'm using OsX 10.6 and latest download of Xampp 1.7.2.a and Joomla 1.5.

Regarding to quick guide from Joomla and Xampp quick guide I did install Xampp and start services.
The Xampp startpage works as well the links as phpadmin and webalizer. So far so good.

I did unzip Joomla and copied into Xampp's htdocs. What was a little strange was that I needed to
give my admin password to copy the Catalog into htdocs.
As well it did require password to let me start the services from Xampp Control App.

I did try to follow the security command and did guess that I was suppose to give this command in
the unix terminal editor? Well it did not work so I guessed I needed to be a root user?
I also did notice that I did not have permission for example change name of file or catalog
within the Xampp catalog???

I test to start Joomla.
The browser answers me that I have not permit to access this Catalog of Joomla???
Testing both Firefox and Safari.

I did look at Catalog info of the Xampp and Joomla catalog if there were set restricted permission, but no restriction.
From information Catalog I have full read/write permission to catalog in it's containing, but in practice - not.

Well, I created a root user - now I did have permission to start services without password and able to change filenames
within the Xampp catalog.
But still I have access denied of the Joomla containing???

Does it require that I download and install the Xampp as root user?

Friends I could use some help now
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Re: Problem accessing Joomla and editing files in Xampp catalogs

Postby MegaChriz » 04. January 2010 14:37

The problems you encouter are probably permission-problems. The webserver need to have at least read permissions in order to access your webpages. You need write permissions to the htdocs folder in order to place files in it without having to type in your password.

The way I would fix these problems is the following:

1. In Finder, go /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles.
2. Select the htdocs folder.
3. Choose Get Info from the File-menu (or press Command-i). A window pops up.
4. In the window, go to Ownership & Permissions or Sharing & Permissions (I'm not sure how it exactly is called in Snow Leopard).
5. Click on the plus button. If the button is locked, you need to click on the lock icon in the lower right corner of the window to unlock the button.
6. Choose yourself as user and give yourself Read & Write Privilege.
7. Click on the wheel button (right to the min button) and choose for Apply On Enclosed Items. You may need to give the password of the administrator-account of your Mac.

Now the webserver and you have read & write permissions of all files and folders inside the htdocs-folder.

Security program
Running the security program is optional, you don't need to run it in order to use Joomla with XAMPP. The effect of running the security program is you can protect your XAMPP installation more. For example out of the box phpMyAdmin is accessible from every computer in your network, so everyone in the network has the ability to make changes in your databases.
With the security program you can change the password of the MySQL root user, protect MySQL so that other webservers don't have directly access to your databases and protect phpMyAdmin, so that a password is required to access phpMyAdmin.

To run the security program:

1. Open Terminal.
2. Type
Code: Select all
sudo su
and press return. With this command you are logged in as superuser in Unix, so you have all privileges. Be careful with this command, because if you use this command without knowing what you're doing, you can seriously damage your system.
3. Type in your password (you don't see an indication that you're typing your password) and press return.
4. Type
Code: Select all
/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp security
and press return.
The XAMPP security program has started, and you need to answer the questions.
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