Help with XAMPP settings

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Help with XAMPP settings

Postby Amanda » 17. December 2009 15:26

Hi I'm a new user and having trouble setting up my joomla or wordpress website.
I have downloaded XAMPP Mac OS X 1.7.2a but when I want to activate MySQL in controls it says: XAMPP's MySQL can not start while another mysql server is running. Please turn it off and try again. Where and how do I change mySQL or turn off.

I am trying to set up a CMS on Joomla or Wordpress

Any help would be really apreciated.
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Re: Help with XAMPP settings

Postby anthonykrese » 21. December 2009 04:04

I'm not that savvy with MySQL but...sounds like you've got two instances of MySQL installed. I believe I do as well. Check your system preferences for another MySQL installation. It could be under 'other' at the very bottom. Make sure that's turned off and set NOT to start on system start up (just for good measure). If it's not there (in your system preferences) you might want to google something to the effect of "start and stop mysql from the terminal". Again, this sounds like the problem to me...I was afraid this was going to happen to me when I installed XAMPP.
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Re: Help with XAMPP settings

Postby MegaChriz » 21. December 2009 11:26

With Mac OS X there comes a webserver pre-installed. It's probably that is has been accidentally turned on.

1. Open the System preferences.
2. Go to Sharing (from Internet & Wireless).
3. Look if 'Webserver' is turned on. If so, turn it off.
4. Try to start XAMPP again.
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Re: Help with XAMPP settings

Postby ralf.krause » 01. January 2010 16:25

Anthony asked for a problem with MySQL. This problem is no problem of the Mac internal webserver.

The problem with MySQL results if you installed XAMPP and you started it. If you now move the package XAMPP to another place by renaming the folder or moving it into a subfolder then the webserver is still running with Apache and MySQL. If you install XAMPP for a second time and you try to start then it can't work. Apache and MySQL do not start because the old instances are still running. The easiest way is to restart you Mac ... the other way is to kill httpd and mysql in the Terminal application.

In a second case the problem could be a running MAMP on your Mac. I don't know why but if you start MAMP first then you can't start XAMPP. If you want to use both you have to start XAMPP first (Apache runs on port 80 and MySQL on port 3306). MAMP can start now and uses different ports (Apache runs on port 8888 and MySQL on port 8889)

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