Copy htdocs file to fat32/ntfs hd

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Copy htdocs file to fat32/ntfs hd

Postby gimox » 26. November 2009 09:41

Hi i use the xampp Windows version for years and ir work perfect.
Now i dowloade. And sucessfull instal the osx version. It work but i have a problem

when i try coping some folders from htdocs to an hd o USB pen firmatted not in hfs i receive a error 36
--some file can't be reader or writen error -36-
all file work
if i copy the file inside my directory to' my hd/USB pen it work......
Some hidden file ????
I try to' copy file one to' one sucessfull after i recopy the file inside the htdocs directory and try to' recopy in my hd fat32 .......and i can't ....error 36

i think Someone create a hidden protected file inside sine folder?
I change the permission for the entire htdoc folder and after for the entire xampp folder in read and write for everyo e and admib but nothink

someone have a solution?
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