ftp dont work...

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ftp dont work...

Postby flyclassic » 21. November 2009 06:33

I'm running mac os xampp 1.0.1

when i access ftp thru ftp://localhost

i cant login, 530 incorrect login
why is the default credential not working??
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Re: ftp dont work...

Postby shawncarlson » 18. December 2009 22:22

I realize this is a dead thread, but I thought I'd put it out there…
I have a similar problem:
I had xampp setup on localhost with a brand new install, Joomla & FTP working and all, as of a week ago. I altered the proftpd.conf file as the tutorial stated (found in xampp/xamppfiles/etc/proftpd.conf), changing the default password for the FTP account. After restarting the xampp via control panel, all worked perfectly. Then, this week without changing any files, not having updated the proftpd.conf file again, my FTP login fails with access denied, incorrect login/password. I checked the proftpd.conf file again to find that my username (still 'nobody') and my customized password were both still in the same place in the file— nothing had changed. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong or possibly how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: ftp doesn't work...

Postby tbhub » 15. May 2010 18:56

I am having the same problem getting the FTP server to connect and work.
Xampp 1.0.1 installed on local computer with Mac OSX
all but the FTP server works fine but because I was having trouble installing extensions directly to Joomla, I am trying to activate and use the FTP server. I get the "530 incorrect login" message as well.
Any advice re how to properly set up and connect to the local FTP server would be welcome.
I am using Filezilla client and have no problem with it connecting to a hosted web page on a remote server. But can't connect to the local Xampp server.
Thanks for any help.
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Re: ftp dont work...

Postby pommykaine » 29. May 2011 04:25

try useras: anonymous and pass as: ftp

on the server: ftp.proftpd.org
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