Is this a XAMPP root user permission problem?

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Is this a XAMPP root user permission problem?

Postby arthurdent » 12. November 2009 00:57

Hoping that somebody can offer some suggestions:

After successfully installing a copy of the SilverStripe CMS on Localhost and playing about with it, I am trying to install a clean copy for the final site, again on Localhost. When running the installer as ROOT user (plus pswd), I am advised that everything 'appears to be OK'. However when I click 'install' I get the following two errors:

That username/password doesn't work: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES);

I can't create new databases and the database 'SS_mysite' doesn't exist (user 'root' doesn't have CREATE DATABASE permissions.)

Strangely enough, when I log in using system admin user and pswd, I only get the second message...

On a tight deadline and really want to get this running, so any advice is very much appreciated!!

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Re: Is this a XAMPP root user permission problem?

Postby jmdirc » 12. November 2009 06:02

Often times when installing a cms, the first thing to do before running the install package is to create the initial database. In your case, it appears, you may need to create a database called 'SS_mysite'. What do you think?

Also, for good measure, double check your password.
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