Help with MySql on Xamp - Solved !

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Help with MySql on Xamp - Solved !

Postby Mythyn » 11. November 2009 15:26

Please do ignore this topic.... I had no idea what I was doing wrong: I thought I was using the Terminal thing to type in the chmod command recommended elsewhere but obviously I just didn't understand. So it's solved and I apologize.... :oops:



Sorry I understand this is probably a common error but I just can't seem to understand why I can't start MySql. Also, When I go to http://localhost/ I get to the splash page, select a a language and I get an error there too. I tried going straight to phpMyAdmin and there as well... I've got screen captures for each bellow.
I used to use phpMyAdmin on a pc years ago and I wanted to get back to it for a new website except I now have a MacBook, Mac os x version 10.4.11 and I don't particularly understand my Mac...

For the xamp start page I changed the codes on index.php so I could access the general layout in english but its not helping anything... I'd rather if I could access it as I'm supposed to....

Any ideas?

Thank you!!

(Sorry I deleted the links)
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